QuickBooks Cloud Hosting: A Secure and Reliable Way to Manage Your Accounting Data by Rohitsinghyngmedia

quickbooks in the cloud

Visit V2 cloud and get your quotation to embrace the next-generation accounting hosted in the cloud. As you can see, QuickBooks® Online and cloud-hosted QuickBooks® are not the same program. Your company’s specific needs will dictate which version of QuickBooks® to consider if you are looking to utilize a web-based, cloud supported version of QuickBooks®. Cloud accounting software, also known as online accounting software, is accounting software that helps you maintain your books of accounts online.

We’ll do all the heavy lifting, setting up your server and migrating your files in less than 48 hours. If you choose to opt for hosted QuickBooks, you must explain your business requirements to your cloud solutions provider clearly. How many users do you think will you be adding in the next 12 months? Inform your QuickBooks cloud vendor regarding all such details well in advance. It also hosts tax software, such as Drake Software and Sage software solutions.

Use our simple ROI calculator to find out how much your business could save by hosting QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud. You can use the Direct Connect Option by enrolling for the Direct Connect service which will allow you access to the small business online banking option at bankofamerica.com. This feature allows you to share bills, payments, information, and much more. When you go for QuickBooks online, you know that Intuit will manage and configure your server, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In this post, we’ll look at the difference between QuickBooks cloud hosting and QuickBooks Online. We need to verify that the company data file can be opened from other machines.

Always check the past reviews of the hosting provider for any cloud service. The reviews are easily available on every social media platform or if you want more accuracy, then Google reviews are the best option. The team can remotely collaborate and work together no matter whether they are at the workstation or not. It is one of the advantages of hosting your accounting software on the cloud. There are multiple benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Hosting on the cloud.

Benefits of hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud:

These companies offer highly secure, dependable, and valuable hosting environments for your QuickBooks data. Thanks to cloud Quickbooks hosting services, CPAs, accountants, and business owners may access their accounting data from any place, at any time, and on any device. Consult your QB cloud solutions provider beforehand and list down the possible challenges that you can anticipate once your QuickBooks company files has been moved. Better yet, ask multiple QuickBooks cloud hosting providers about the possible challenges your company might face and how they can help you address them.

QuickBooks has been the gold standard for business owners looking to take control of their company’s accounting methods since 1983. However, the program takes up a lot of space on computer hard drives. A slow, overloaded system makes keeping track of your information much harder. Worse, you’ll have to contend with security issues, plan for hardware failures, and deal with downtime while you wait for others to finish tasks on that shared computer. QuickBooks hosting allows you to harness the power of QuickBooks Desktop software combined with the accessibility of QuickBooks Online. Whether your priority is seamless data migration, a low-cost solution, or more options for customizations and flexibility, you can find the right one from our top recommendations.

Secure the way you work with Summit Hosting

A large percentage of small and medium-sized businesses use QuickBooks® as their bookkeeping and business financial management solution. As a Solution Provider, our long-standing relationship with Intuit’s development team allows us to simultaneously test new applications before they’re deployed in the Right Networks environment. Uses industry-recognized security safeguards including SSL certificates and password-protected logins and automatically backs up your data in the cloud. QuickBooks integrates with a wide range of apps including eCommerce, inventory, expense management, and CRM apps to streamline your business and sync your data.

  • You can add it to as many computers as you want, but you have to set up a multi-user network to be able to access a company file on more than one computer at a time.
  • Dancing Numbers is SaaS-based software that is easy to integrate with any QuickBooks account.
  • If you’re running QuickBooks in your office, you’re paying for expensive IT support and server maintenance.
  • For one, QuickBooks Online allows businesses to practice better continuity and disaster recovery.

The data stored on the cloud is backed up each night, and those backup files are kept on hand for 30 days. If you ever need to restore your QuickBooks files, they’ll be there. Another limitation is that bank transactions are not automatically synced on the desktop version of QuickBooks. You’ll have to manually update the file to get the new information. This isn’t an earth-shattering problem, but one that is inconvenient to busy professionals. Think of the cloud as a separate hard drive for your computer that doesn’t take up space in your office.

A dialog box opens with your username pre-filled; add your credentials and click “OK” to get directed to the cloud server. You can also downscale your plan when you get a limited customer influx. So this feature of cloud accounting makes your accounting firm more flexible than the other competitors. GrowthForce accounting services provided through an alliance with SK CPA, PLLC.

“QuickBooks Hosting” describes deploying the QuickBooks Desktop version on a network server accessible online. If hosted QuickBooks is in place, you can access your tax files and data anytime, from any location, without installing the programme on a local computer. In terms of features, UI, and other functionalities, it differs from QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is different from QuickBooks Software Online because it offers the same functionality as QB Desktop in the cloud.

Do you already have a QuickBooks license?

QuickBooks Online is one of the latest accounting software provided by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses. We cannot deny the fact that cloud with software needs can be quintessential for days, thus QuickBooks Online is a fair option. For one, QuickBooks offers modernized accounting tools well worth the cost of the software or an entire managed services package. Businesses can save hundreds, if not thousands, of hours through QuickBooks’s modernized and intuitive interface.

It offers fully managed hosting solutions, including 24/7 support, data backup, disaster recovery, and advanced security features. The team also offers specialized support services to help accountants and CPA firms manage their clients’ financial data effectively. No, QuickBooks Hosted on Cloud refers to the practice of hosting the QuickBooks Desktop software on remote servers provided by a third-party cloud hosting service. QuickBooks hosted on cloud retains all the features and functionality of the desktop software, providing advanced accounting capabilities, industry-specific tools, and robust reporting options.

quickbooks in the cloud

This way, you can get all the amazing benefits offered by cloud computing while enjoying the performance of QuickBooks Desktop. Redundancy, a concept in cloud computing, helps you with keeping reliable backup of your data. Instead of storing your data on a single server, the service provider saves it on multiple servers so that a single server going down doesn’t interrupt your work. And even if a server fails, your data is available on other servers.

Multi-user capabilities allow immediate access to a full desktop and specific QuickBooks files. Remote access allows users and clients to work in the same files at the same time with total confidence. Whenever you think you need more system resources to process or store more data, you can acquire the resources instantly from the service provider. Let’s get started with QuickBooks online because it is easier to understand.

Data Security

QuickBooks cloud accounting software provides automatic software updates and there are no big spikes in costs when your business expands. Unlike shared server hosting, dedicated server hosting doesn’t make your company share resources like bandwidth, storage, and memory with other companies. Instead, you can build out your environment with the resources, applications, and software you need to do your job efficiently. Summit’s tech team will make it easy to customize your cloud environment, doing all the heavy lifting and technical work for you. Additionally, the provider can set up a wide range of QuickBooks-integrated apps to help you improve your productivity, including FishBowl, ActiveBooks, Bill, Lacerte, ZedSystems, and ShipRush.

For one, QuickBooks Online allows businesses to practice better continuity and disaster recovery. But with QuickBooks in the cloud, businesses can rest assured that their vital accounting data—as well as customers’ personal or financial information—will be kept safe and secure. The data will also be easily retrievable as their websites come back online. Thus, if you are still dependent on traditional accounting software, it’s time to switch to cloud based accounting platforms.

In QB cloud hosting, you can spare your IT team from managing in-house hardware & software resources. You can also employ remote global talent to work from anywhere and anytime. After a hosting provider dedicates a server with QuickBooks installed, you can access the hosted application by opening Remote Desktop Connection on your system. With a single solution, we offer your business a comprehensive way to secure your devices and train your employees. From the smallest downtown laundromat to the largest Fortune 500 company, your business can benefit from implementing cloud accounting. QuickBooks cloud accounting software gives you access to your business finances from your smartphone with the QuickBooks mobile app.


Dedicated Onboarding is included with every plan at no additional cost. You can use any of your favorite devices to access your applications and data. V2 Cloud was easy to setup for all of our users and the support team was immediately available to assist with any questions during and after setup.The product has been working without any flaws. As a small business with very few employees all the alternatives required minimum order commitment and exceeded our budget.

With it, you can establish a program to manage, host, and support your accounting software, back-office apps, reporting or analytics programs, client portals, and your email on the cloud. This flexibility, along with excellent customer support, makes it an ideal option for those in the accounting field. We selected Ace Cloud Hosting as the overall best QuickBooks hosting service provider because it offers an excellent selection of hosting services and benefits Dividends Payable Definition for a variety of industries. Cloud-native QuickBooks solutions offer high-end security for your organization’s critical assets, data, and information. In cloud hosting, all your files are stored in highly secured data centers with industry-compliant standards and a high degree of encryption and authentication methods. To conclude, always remember to choose the best hosting provider for your QuickBooks Desktop Pro to get maximum performance from the solution.

Worse, hackers can easily access that sensitive financial data, putting the security of your business at risk. Since the cloud doesn’t involve saving files on your work computer, you’re not locked into using the program on a single work device. Instead, you’re able to access all of your QuickBooks information from any device with an internet connection. If your business relies heavily on financial data and collaboration, Apps4Rent can host QuickBooks and add Microsoft 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, and Teams.

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